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Maybe You Won’t Laugh

I may be joking. Interviewer: In your Antologia Personal… Borges: Look here, I want to say that that book is full of misprints. My eyesight is very dim, and the proofreading had to be done by somebody else. Interviewer: I see, biut those are only minor errors, aren’t they? Borges: Yes, I know, but they … Continue reading

blogging / Jorge Luis Borges / mistakes / NaBloPoMo / other blog / short story / Story-a-Day-May / The Paris Review Interviews / writers

Maybe Leave the Mistakes

You may be bored by interviews, but I love interviews with writers and artists and scientists. I am reading The Paris Review Interviews: vol. I. Have you read these interviews? My favorite interview so far is with Jorge Luis Borges. Mostly I liked it because Borges came across as someone I’d want to talk to. … Continue reading