Maybe Not Everywhere

This may be a lame excuse, but I’m in Waco. Waco! And I’ve got to be at a roller rink tomorrow morning and the next at 5 am. These are the joys of being a mom to a speed skater.

I have trouble writing in hotel rooms. I can write in my home, in cafes, in parks, in cars, in stores, but hotels rooms… So I finished story 27! Whether I write anything else…

ah, excuses, excuses.

Oh. I can’t write back in my dad’s house either.

What about you? Are there places where you can’t write? I don’t mean you aren’t allowed to. I mean, psychologically you can’t get into your writer mind. What is it about these places that makes writing hard?

7 thoughts on “Maybe Not Everywhere

  1. How fascinating! I write like a frenzy in hotel rooms. Perhaps it’s because I’m on edge and so my imagination begins to just bloom out of control.

    Let’s see… where I can’t seem to write? Basically whatever location I am at when I know I have a deadline to meet. LOL

    1. Maybe if I were in a hotel room to write (or for any lovely reason I wanted) but it seems I am always in hotel rooms because of where I have to be on behalf of someone else. Visiting family. Taking kiddo to his events. Maybe I just haven’t the chance to really see.

      Ah deadlines. The key word being “dead.”

  2. I can’t write in public. at.all. Cafes, restaurants, forget about it. I do like writing in obscure-back-in-the-corner university library carrels, hotel rooms, and empty campgrounds. I am too easily distracted by people and also, I quickly feel unsafe, I think perhaps because I’m so focused, obsessionally so, when I write, which can feel like I’m unprotected when other people are around and might interrupt. I also have one of those countenances that causes strangers to want to approach me. Grocery stores, museums, on the street, cafes, people come up to me and want to talk, much to my family’s amusement and my dismay. So, the best place for me to write? my house, with no one home, phone turned off!

    1. As long as you know where you can write! Because I am tall, people do not approach me to chat, but they do approach to ask information as if I were someone in authority. Anyway, I’ll write any where. Even a hotel room. But the rooms depress me generally and I find it hard to focus.

      Well, see. I’ve still got story 28 to write and I’m in a hotel room right now!

  3. Yes, definitely places I can’t write. Like at work. They frown on that unless I’m writing for them. Which I occasionally do, but it always feels like I’ve done less than my best work. Or in the bathroom. Or in the car.

    Other than those places — the bulk of my time being distributed among them — I can write anywhere. *Sigh*

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