Maybe You’re a Winner!

I may be jumping up and down in a panic.

There is going to be a contest over at Story-a-Day. An author is going to judge stories written for the challenge—-one story per writer.

So, you know I’m staring at what I’ve written wondering which story to choose. It isn’t life or death or anything…but still…

If you happen to have read any of them, your opinion would be appreciated.

Do you enter contests? Why or why not? What has been your experience?


I wish I could say every story I’ve written is a winner! Alas. But at the very least, even though I’ve been awake since 3:45 am and spent most of my day in a roller rink or disappointing my in-laws, I have written story 28! Wahoo. And the end of May draws ever closer…

One thought on “Maybe You’re a Winner!

  1. I haven’t entered a writing contest in a long time. (One thing which frustrates me about many of the ones I’m most interested in entering: the requirement that one be previously unpublished. I’ve done all but disavow my publication credits, limited though they are, because they don’t generally feel “honest” to me. But in this one regard, I’d much much rather be a total unknown to the publishing world, as opposed to an all-but-total unknown. :))

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