Temporarily Closed for Negativity Repairs

The demons of negativity, jealousy, and whining have overrun the controls. The experience is sort of like squirrels in the attic except rabid and able to reproduce by the minute. These demons are also surprisingly agile and long-lived. They particularly love nibbling on generosity of spirit and better nature.

I am attempting to starve them out with silence. With any luck, the foundations can be saved and this space can be happily inhabited again.

Full eradication, of course, is unlikely. Non-destructive levels is the goal.

8 thoughts on “Temporarily Closed for Negativity Repairs

  1. Squirrels? Eradicate? No, no, no! There are good squirrels too and they are fun to watch and lively when put in their place. They have a habit of hiding their valuables and then forgetting where they put them. Clearly that has happened to yours. But let them be. They will find their/your valuables again in time. Be patient. Better times are ahead.

    1. Well, not actual squirrels! These are squirrel–like. Little rodents with all the bad squirrel-type traits but lacking all their cute and fuzzy tail qualities.

      No actual squirrels will be harmed in the making of this blog.

  2. Whoa. Sorry (?) I missed this last week. I’m with The Querulous One — squirrels, no. Maybe “gremlins,” in something like the original sense?

    They particularly love nibbling on generosity of spirit and better nature. Sounds like you have perhaps been dwelling on matters political!

  3. While I do pay attention to politics and do, therefore, find myself in a snit about something most days, politics aren’t what propel these particular squirrels.–or gremlins if you like. These little critters are possessed more by jealousy and frustration. I don’t wish to elaborate here.

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