Moving to the Asylum

I can’t get myself to close this blog all together. I might want to move back one day and I like the name.

But how I feel about this space needs more than a theme change.

It is called writing in the water and I’ve felt compelled to write only about writing.

But I’ve got nothing else to say about that these days.

So, I want a place where anything goes…well, up to a point.

It will be random, and probably insignificant, but such is life.

If you subscribe or link to me (first, wow and thank you kindly), then you could consider doing the same for the new digs.

But that is neither here nor there–it’s the Internet and where is that exactly?

The Fairy Tale Asylum is still being moved into, but please stop in.

Thank you all.

5 thoughts on “Moving to the Asylum

    1. No. No, I don’t. And I say that as a fool who has/does try to manage many things and doesn’t do so very well. In fact, just today I heard someone say that work-life balance is impossible, and I agree. So, one blog it is for now. Until I develop magic juggling skills.

  1. I’m subscribed to both in my reader, so I’ll get your posts wherever you put them. I can change the link on my blog roll right now. Glad you’re not taking this one down, though. It’ll be here when you do feel like writing about writing. And I feel comfortable here.

    Do you feel sometimes that everybody who cares about what you have to say already heard you say it elsewhere? That’s what’s keeping me from fully jumping back into my blog. I’m just repeating myself from Facebook. And yet, I don’t mind when I read other people repeating themselves, so…I don’t know. Just babbling.

    1. For the time being I’m sure I’ll write about writing over at the other blog, but it is a relief for that not to be the focus. Because, yes, I feel like anything I have to say, everyone has heard–either on facebook or in a previous post. Isn’t it strange how what doesn’t bother us in others will drive us crazy in ourselves?

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