Plum Art

A few years ago when I was asked to have my first art show in a coffee shop, I thought I’d go along with that crazy idea, and that would be that. I’d be able to say I’d had a show.

From Plum Tree Books

A few years later and I’m Head of Art for Youth Tube at Plum Tree Books! This is a new role for me and I’m figuring it out as I go.

Today, I want to announce that Plum Tree is now open for submissions of children’s art. If you have a young one 12 or under, and they’d love to share their work with a broader audience, let me know.

We are looking for art by children to post to our site. We’ll be adding links and stories and other things for the 12 and under set. Send me a message if you’d like the details for submissions.

marta (at) youth-tube (dot) co (dot) uk

Remember, art is cool.


P.S. Please note the Plum Tree has several other projects in the works–poetry, fiction, music, and photography. Go see for yourself.

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