Imagination Fail

oncologist bunny
oncologist bunny

Eight days until surgery.

I’ve got my post-op shirts and even two small post-op pillows. One pillow is recommended for the drive home from the hospital. It will go between the seatbelt strap and me. I’ve seen post-op pictures of others to give me an idea what to expect. I’m getting my house in order, people are arranging to cook and to pick my son up for skate practice, and fundraisers have been set up.

And still I can’t quite believe this is happening.

Like when you’re a kid and you know that one day you’re going to be a grownup, but you can’t really believe it. Or your childless and decide to have a kid, having no clue as to what you’re in for. Or you get a publisher for your first book, but the book isn’t out yet and you can’t hold the book in your hands.

My imagination fails me so often. At least, it is easy to imagine these things happening to someone else, like a character in a book.

What events in your life did you find impossible to fully imagine until you got there?

10 thoughts on “Imagination Fail

  1. The event I was unprepared for was to be told my wife is dying.Her cancer is inoperable. We were told 6-9 months 20 months ago but we fought and recently we’ve been told weeks rather than months.and we’re still fighting. Life just doesn’t prepare you for this when someone is just in middle age.
    I’m delighted to know that you’ll be fine after the op though you may need some painkilling drugs.If you need them. take them and don’t be afraid to ask for help. May you have a great and long life with your son. xx Hugs xx

    1. That’s sad and terrible news. I’m sorry. Life is sometimes a mess that makes no sense. Thanks for your good wishes, and best wishes to you on this journey.

  2. Brianna Soloski

    College was a big one for me. I didn’t know how much fun I could have and how good freedom could taste until I set foot in the dorm room.

  3. Make your bed up with your best linen, the best fragrance, the softest things and you will be just that little bit happier to slide into it when you get home from hospital.

    I’m afraid mine was the same as yours, but once we get past the unimaginable, new things take their place.

      1. Oh, yes the pillow is very important and comfortable clothes you can get in and out of with out much movement.

        Painting your room is a great idea. I love that.

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