Press Release! The First Bite Of Bacon!

My publisher has put heart and soul into making this a reality. My book will soon be out in the world. Whew.

Niamh Clune

the blue jar

“The Blue Jar, Marta Pelrine Bacon’s debut novel will be released to the world on October 12th as an e-book and published by Plum Tree Books. Fans of the quirky and off-beat will love this atmospheric, psychological tale of revenge and obsession with its unexpected twists and turns. Lake Belle, reminiscent of Twin Peaks set in the deep American South, provides the atmospheric setting for this thrilling psycho-drama with its underlying theme of weird justice.  Is it magic? Or is something else at work?

Marta says, “I grew up on a long stretch of road in central Florida. My house faced a lake big enough to have an island in the middle. Florida was a perfect place to develop my interest in sharp objects and shadowy places. That’s why I write stories with odd twists, turns and edges.”

Perhaps Marta’s background explains why her characters are edgy and well-drawn. Her…

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