Launching Dreams and Other Madcap Schemes

My novel launched today! (Here at Amazon.)

art from high school
art from high school

Since the story is set in the summer of 1985, I’ve been thinking back to those high school days. What were you like in high school?

I wasn’t popular. I liked to be in the art room with a sketch pad or a book. The drawing posted here I did in my AP art class. You’ll notice the girls have no faces. I couldn’t (can’t) draw faces. So, I made the lack of faces a thing. I said the girls were meant not to faces. It was symbolic.


Some people thought the picture was supposed to be two sides of the same girl. Others thought they were sisters, one good and one bad. Funny how they assumed which one was bad. She was inspired by a mix of Howard Jones and Cyndi Lauper.

Back then I couldn’t decide if I should be a writer or an artist. Funny how things work out. What did you want to be when you were in high school?

Anyway, it’s a crazy day. A big thanks goes to my publisher, Plum Tree Books, for making a dream come true.

As an added bonus, a lovely podcast has come out to compliment my novel–music that fits my novel. I get to introduce a few songs and explain why they’re related to my novel. Listen at Claudio Fiore Music.

Thank you to everyone.

5 thoughts on “Launching Dreams and Other Madcap Schemes

  1. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. One of the best moments of my senior year was when our drama instructor asked us to write a scene with two characters, and then act it out in front of class. I had “won” the vote for senior most shy just the week before. I wrote a skit about a princess and a troll in which I flipped the traditional story- making the princess evil and the troll an innocent victim. When I finished and got up the nerve to look my classmates in the face, they stared back, stunned. I was mortified at first, until the clapping began. They loved the story and that little moment has kept me going in the past three years that I began writing again. I decided I liked being a little weird, and am in the process of learning to trust my natural, if offbeat and dark, voice.

    I am thrilled for you, Marta. You are one of my heroes for many reasons, but the first one being that I have long admired the way you give quirky a certain grace, presence, and power. I look forward to reading your book and all the stories I know will follow.


    1. That’s a terrific story, Tonia. What a great experience. I hope one day you’ll be telling it in an author interview. Keep writing!

      And thanks for the kind words too.

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