I don’t like gore and I don’t like to be scared. But I love Halloween anyway. Since I childhood, I’ve been drawn to witches, magic, and mystery. And dressing up is fun.

Today I showed one of my classes, the documentary The American Scream. I love the guy in the film obsessed with creating the perfect home-haunting experience. What’s not to love about something who has a passion and pursues it–even though it isn’t a typical or always socially acceptable thing? I’ll add that his obsession doesn’t hurt anyone. Right?

Some of my students thought the documentary was sad. They couldn’t understand why this guy, or any of the other home-haunters would work so hard for this fleeting night of Halloween. “He could put all that money into a nice house,” they said.

Well, sure. He could.

Should he?

Then I wonder what my students would say if they saw my office, my action figures, and the things I spend my time on.

Years it took to get my first novel to this point. That’s okay. But if I had put my energy elsewhere, my family could have had a nicer house several years earlier.

I was charmed by the people in the film. My students were baffled.

Is there something you stick with no matter what folks say?

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