Over at my friend’s place…

My friend and amazing author, Ami McKay, interviewed me and did a nice write-up of my novel, The Blue Jar. She included a favorite photo of mine–us with Santa Claus and I’m wearing my “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” tee-shirt. If you can, go over there, read, and comment. Maybe share.

I’ve known Ami since we were college roommates in 1986. 1986! As a kid, I’d hear my mother talk about friends she’d had for 20 years. This seemingly huge amount of time impressed me. Sometimes it still does.


Also, my publisher has reworked the website for Plum Tree Books. She has books and cards for sale there.

One thought on “Over at my friend’s place…

  1. I’ve known my best friend for just shy of forty years and we’re like an old married couple finishing each others sentences and anticipating each others thoughts. I’m forever telling him to get out of my head.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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