Adam and Eve

Back in the late 70’s my mother made a stop-animation film for a college class. I remember looking at the set she’d built on a table in her apartment and her warning me that if I touched it, she’d kill me. The project took a very long time. A tiny bit of film, she’d move the characters, another tiny bit of film, she’d move the characters, and on and on for weeks and weeks.

I had the film put on a DVD and I uploaded it to YouTube, so that I could share it with a few friends. I don’t know how to edit a DVD, so the first minute and 20 seconds is nothing. You have to click ahead to about 1:20 or 1:30. Also, I added the music and I had to use free music available on YouTube. If I had the rights to other music and had the technical know-how, I’d probably change it.

In any event, I was about 8 or 9 when my mom made this, and I thought my mother was very cool.

Thanks for watching!

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