Is Summer Here Yet?

daisy and stars

I’m in the middle of Story-a-Day May. With a bit of luck and some hard work, I’ll have something worthwhile at the end.

I’m also putting together an anthology of short stories to enter into a writing contest. Most of the stories will be those written during previous Story-a-Day Mays. The working title is A Brief History of Fairy Tale Boyfriends. I’m never optimistic about winning contests, but it doesn’t hurt to try. At the very least, I’ll have another book finished. Right? Do you ever enter contests? Not just writing contests, but any kind of contest. I’ve won a few contests in my life. They weren’t, however, writing contests. They were random throw-your-name-in-a-hat contests. Pure D luck. I won $100. that way when I worked at a bank. And I won a trip from Sophia, Bulgaria to Bratislava, Slovakia for a Peace Corps conference. It would be nice to win a contest based on ability though, wouldn’t it?

Also, I spoke with a friend about a big art project. I’m going to attempt to bring together my art, my writing, my action figures…and I don’t know what else…all together. It’s time like this when I wish I lived near my dad’s workshop. Dad has all the tools and expertise!

I’m supposed to visits him this summer and I’m still trying to put together the money for that.

My summer classes are now in full swing. Let’s hope I keep up with the grading.

Maybe you should buy stock in coffee.

Anyway, what are you doing this summer?


Later thoughts…

The more I think about it, the more I’m not sure about which collection of short stories to work with. I’ve got the slightly fairy tale/bad romance collection (A Brief History of Fairy Tale Boyfriends). I’ve also got the more explicitly fairy tale/sometimes dark romance collection (Graveyard Girls and the Enchanted Dead).

Or maybe they’re both all wrong. Aurgh! Self-doubt!

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