Boxes and Wedding Parties

2014-05-23 22.24.19

May 2014 ends today. I spent the last few days in Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding, and I completely dropped the proverbial ball on writing for Story-a-Day May.

I didn’t gamble in Las Vegas, not even with a slot machine. Most of the time, lights, sounds, people overloaded my senses. But I had a blast. The wedding was lovely (Elvis officiated,don’t you know). The wedding party was filled with people who loved talking about Doctor Who, Douglas Adams, Welcome to Night Vale, the Christmas lectures, Cosmos, costume design, Studio 360, publishing, journalism, Star Wars, and David Lynch. How often do I get to hang out with a group of souls like that? Not often enough.

Now, I’m working on a series of boxes (inspired by Joseph Cornell). I love boxes. I first heard of Joseph Cornell decades ago. I think I was in high school. And I was fascinated. So, someone showed an interest in such a piece, and now I’ve got a brain full of ideas. The boxes will incorporate my writing, my art, my action figures. They should be fun.

And I’ve got to finish my Fairy Tale Asylum story. Maybe I’ll have another novel published. Maybe it will all show up in a box.

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