Sometimes I read articles about other writers and artists (like today, this one here), and I want to dive into a story of my own and make something as exciting. Well, I can’t do a comic book or anything like that, but in some interviews, I can feel the enthusiasm come off the page and I want to make something with that kind of energy. It’s hard to do.

I’m tweaking my second novel, and after so many times reading over it, the energy is buried in a pile of is-this-word-right-does-this-comma-belong-here-did-I-forget-something?

I sent out three stories today. I’m generally pessimistic about sending out stories, but you never know. Figuring out where to send them, fitting work to the guidelines, writing cover letters and bios, took all afternoon. I’ve yet to find a good way to keep track of all my stories and where and when I send them out. Do you have a system? I need a system. I write things down, but in a couple years, I won’t remember where I wrote down what I sent out today. I’ve got dozens of notebooks and computer files. And then I write more or rewrite things and I get old versions confused with new ones. I save different copies of things just in case my laptop gets stolen or destroyed but I can’t keep track of all the copies. I’ve got 78 short stories (I think) and 9 (?) manuscripts. And it’s not like I’m done writing. I’ll add to these numbers whether I get published or not. Oi.

It would be worse, of course, to have not written anything.

If anyone mentions the word spreadsheet to me, I might hit my head against the wall. I’ve never recovered from my days of working at a bank where my job was to correct teller mistakes. Every morning I’d have this spreadsheet on my desk, and I had to go through it and find all the errors. I was good at my job, but I didn’t fit in very well.

One thing I’d like to do is make handmade books. I’ve mentioned that before. This was one of my first attempts to make a book.


I made it up as I went along. I think I could do something better now. But I don’t know what I would do with them.

I’ve got this.


It’s a short book about two rabbits, Ink and Mirabelle.

There’s Etsy, I know. But I haven’t been good at making that work.

Well, for now it is back to the novel.

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