Summertime and the Living Is

summer copy

I’ve thought of a dozen topics to write about only to run out of steam by the time I get to my computer. At least this summer I don’t have chemo. My hair is growing back. Slowly. I hate short hair, but I’m glad it’s coming back.

I might have lymphedema. Might not. I’ve got an appointment this week for an evaluation. If I have it, it is in my right hand. Like most people, I’m right-handed. I draw with my right hand. I write with my right hand. If I have lymphedema, I hope I can keep it under control. Right now my hand is slightly swollen and sore. Just a bit.

I came across a good quote the other day. “And procrastination is a rational response to an unrealistic to-do list.” ~Andrew Simonet

This explains a lot.

Hope you’re having a happy summer.

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