How to Make

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As I mentioned in another post, I’m reading Austin Kleon‘s book Show Your Work. A while back, I read his book Steal Like an Artist.

I was attracted to his work because he uses text in his art like I do.

Anyway, to earn money, I teach. Also, I’m homeschooling my kiddo. If I’m not making something, I’m teaching something. Oddly enough, because I never thought I’d grow up to be a teacher. Live and learn.

One suggestion in Kleon’s book is to teach what you know. Now, I don’t know anything about writing a best selling novel. My novel, The Blue Jar, has yet to make it that far (but the future is an unknown, wild place!). And I don’t know that my art is hard to learn. But nonetheless, I learn a lot by teaching. (Seriously. If you want to learn something, teach it.) So, I might learn a thing or two by trying to teach something about what I do.

In a few days, I shall start talking a bit about what I do when I sit down to make stuff. Chime in as you please! I like to hear how other people make things.

Also, if you have any questions, ask away.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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