I’m getting ready for my first book signing ever. I’m participating in a group book signing. Three other authors and I will be at our local Barnes & Noble. I’m glad that other authors will be there. Takes some of the pressure off.

I ordered a poster for my table. I’ll back it with foam core and make a stand for it. And I’ve got postcards to give away.

Now what? I can talk to strangers, but I’m not very good talking about my own book. I don’t know why. I wish I could figure out why talking about my book induces near panic. I worked hard and long on that novel. My publisher would like it sell. I would like it to sell. I need it to sell. But talking about it often makes me freeze.

So, I’ll have copies of my book, postcards, and drawing for an art give away. Oh, and an email list sign-up sheet.

Other ideas? I’ve got two weeks to prepare.

4 thoughts on “Prepared?

  1. If your nervous about the book signing, why not ask your readers (either on here, fb, or Twitter) what questions they’d like to ask you? This way you can at least be somewhat prepared with something to say. Let them know about you. They’re there to meet the author, not just buy the book. You can also talk about any research you did for the book.

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