My Ordinary Friday

2015-01-30 11.45.31

Dear Internet,

Today is an ordinary day. So far, anyway.

I’ve spent time reading articles on dying from cancer and on things you should learn in design school. I’ve replied to posts on Facebook. I’ve done laundry and had several cups of coffee. I’m still drinking coffee. I’ve got to get the kiddo to do some school work. The husband is going to go to the store to buy what he needs to cook dinner.

All ordinary things.

I hope to get back into my writing. For the thousandth time I say that. It’s amazing how quickly one can get out of writing. I’ve got many stories half done and every one of them I want to finish. I’ve got an art project I’m working on. (See that picture? She’s part of the project. It was harder than I thought it would be to take all her makeup off. For a while it looked as if someone had smeared charcoal all over her face.)

Maybe something I write today will be great. Maybe the story will be loved by someone else. Maybe. But stories like that start on ordinary days when you sit down and get the writing done even as you get all the ordinary tasks done as well.

I hope by tomorrow I have something to show for my efforts.

What are you working on?

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