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What’s on your mind today?

I’ve been thinking about my work-in-progress. Well, I have multiple WIPs. Right now I’m focused on a sci-fi fairy tale. I want to finish the manuscript, go back to my Fairy Tale Asylum story and then to drafts of other stories. So many stories fluttering around in my head.

I’ve also been thinking about the news. Why is it in a world filled with terrible news stories, certain ones hold our attention while others are barely blips in the background? Every time something tragic happens, you have people who post their shock, their grief, their nightmares. You know, they (and I’ve done this myself), share photos of flags or of vigils. You have the people that ignore all that stuff and act as if nothing happened or as if there’s no reason to comment, not publicly anyway. Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they find it unseemly. Maybe they’re superstitious. And you have the people complain or criticize. They expose hypocrisy and false sentiment. Or at least what they see as those things. They scold others for being manipulated by the media or by a pretty face.

I’m always uncomfortable with arguments implying one tragedy is worth more than the other or that emotion isn’t valid if it isn’t directed in the right place–you can’t care about this if you haven’t cared about that! I have conflicted feelings on that. Some people are hypocrites or superficial. We all know that. But you can’t chastise someone into caring or not caring.

I don’t know. It’s something on my mind.

Also on my mind, on a more light-hearted note, the trailer for the new Star Wars: Rogue One. I love Star Wars! And the new film looks exciting. I told my son today that if he wants to give me a Mother’s Day present, I wouldn’t say no to new action figures, a Han Solo, a Rey, or a Finn. I am not the sort of woman who pines for diamonds.

Thanks for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. How nice to see a post from you again Marta. Good luck with the new WIP which sounds intriguing.
    I think we are manipulated by the press. For years the Kurds suffered at the hands of Saddam Hussein as he bombed them gasses them,or poisoned them.Nothing was reported about them in the press until suddenly Hussein might own a weapon of mass destruction and the Kurds safety became part of the reason for an invasion.
    Again, we are horrified at the death of children when a school in the US is attacked by a killer or a school in Islamabad, Pakistan.I agree these are horrific deaths and do affect me but so does the death of hundreds of Children in Syria over a long period of time at the hands of their own President Assad, merely because their parents are opposed to him. Again, we only see reports of this when it suits our Governments to become involved for their own reasons, us on one side and typically Russia on the other. Now civilians including children are killed on both sides.
    Whenever we interfere with direct action for the sake of oil it seems more innocents get hurt. There are other ways to force change like sanctions which were never tried.
    Any human life is a loss to all humanity as we are all one species but still we kill each other with the innocent in the middle. It’s time for change. It’s time for peace.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. The children of Syria, the children of Nigeria…and even when we’re horrified at the deaths of children in a school here, we still do little to change anything. I hate feeling so ineffectual in the face of it all.

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