Back in Print!


Sometimes you have to change your plan. I tend to put a lot of thought into my plans, and can therefore be resistant to changing them. But the universe is going to do what the universe is going to do, plans be damned.

My novel was published by the late, great Plum Tree Books/UK. This made me happy because I love the UK (let us not talk about the recent turn of events there, okay?) and somehow it seemed right that the person who would want to publish my novel was in London. Publishing being its own wild universe, I ended up without a publisher. (Through no one’s fault. Just the solar winds of fate.) But I still had my novel, of course.

In any event, after much dithering, I’ve finally put a print edition of my novel back up on Amazon. I’d love to say I had a publisher for it, but since that isn’t an option at this time, at least it is available again. I worked too hard on it to abandon it.

Also, the new cover is my own art. I’m happy with it for being my first attempt at a proper cover. If for some crazy reason you’d want a signed copy, I have a few on my website alongside my art. Just go here.

Now on to the next thing!

Thanks for reading.

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