The Unfinished


I want to do thousands of things!

Maybe you have this problem too?

Last night, I was looking for something I’d drawn a while back (see picture above), and I came across unfinished stories, unfinished art, and unused bits and pieces for unfinished projects. So, so many.

It’s amazing how many emotions a person can experience at the same time, or at least very close together. I had annoyance with myself for not only not using some of these things, but forgetting I even had them. I felt inspired to use most of these things. Ideas! Ideas! I had frustration with my schedule because, you know, I have to work and interact with other people in the house. (Crazy!) And I experienced touches of guilt and despair. Have you seen the headlines? Why am I worried about art and stories when the headlines are enough to make anyone want to crawl under the covers. Or rush out into the streets. I don’t know which, but working on a story about a young woman traveling through space or spending the afternoon drawing pretty things seems kind of ineffectual.

Of course, even if I make all the things, where will those things go?

But making things helps keep me sane in these troubled times. Maybe the world would be a better place if people spent more time with art. Yeah, that’s simplistic, I know.

So, I guess as the world burns, I’ll be sitting here making things. For what’s it’s worth.

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “The Unfinished

  1. On a much smaller scale, a couple weeks ago my younger sister sent me (via text message) nine photographs. Each photo included between four and a couple dozen BOOKS, arranged in tiers, which I had evidently left behind when I moved away from NJ. She wanted to know which (if any) I still wanted, I guess so she can get rid of the rest. It was AGONY making the selections, but I just sent off the list.

    …all the while wondering, as you do above, why am I even caring about this?

    I think it’s important to remember the advice we’ve offered to those who would cut government funding of education, the arts, and so on: that these “trivial” pursuits are in fact the reason we’ve got something at all worth believing in. So let’s agree not to fret any more!

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