In these shoes?


Who is the dreamer? An artist of some kind, I expect. A storyteller. A mad woman?

I don’t know. Maybe everyone is mad these days.

Well, not everyone. The other evening I watched a documentary on Netflix about the shoemaker, Manolo Blahnik.

Do you like shoes? I have mixed feelings about shoes. Because of my height, I have trouble finding shoes that fit, and often the shoes that do fit, I don’t like. Way too many shoes make me feel as if my feet are massive, Olive Oyl type feet. Or they just aren’t my style.

For several years (pre-Internet), I could not find shoes that fit (and that I could afford), and so I wore shoes too small. The damage to some of my toes has been permanent. The result is, while I can admire pretty shoes and sometimes wish for them, I don’t enjoy shoe shopping. Shoe shopping is a constant reminder that I don’t fit.

And monstrously expensive, designer shoes are out of the question. Why then watch the documentary?

Well, I love documentaries about people who make things, particularly beautiful, well-made things. And I love documentaries about people who are resolutely themselves. So, I had the film on my list, and then a friend mentioned it to me.

It is a charming film. I liked learning about Manolo’s life and how he came to be a man asked to autograph shoes. It’s an interesting glimpse into that world. Even though I’ll never make shoes, just watching him work on his creations made me want to work on my own things.

The dreamer may not be wearing shoes, but what kind of shoes does the dreamer dream of?


May your shoes always fit and carry you on interesting journeys to good places to dream.

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