Story-a-Day May with poems.


Yesterday, I ended up just scribbling some lines down for a Ink & Mirabelle story. Ink & Mirabelle are rabbits, and a few years ago, I made a handbook telling a short story about them. In that story, Mirabelle is on the moon and Ink tried in vain to talk her into coming back to earth. Today, I took a look at my little scribbled poem, added a couple of lines, and here it is. It may not count as a story, but at least I wrote something!

Mirabelle nibbled on cool moongrass.
Ink waited far below.
Mirabelle watched how the stars did shine.
Ink shivered in the snow.
Mirabelle called down to Ink,
“Won’t you please come visit?”
Ink blushed and looked away,
“It’s not for me, now is it?”
But Mirabelle wasn’t listening
Because the sun was rising soon.
And in the bright light of the day
Ink would no longer see the moon.

After that, today’s story still loomed. This was my first day back at work after vacation. The start of a new term is always tiring. I have to be extroverted all day! Whew. So, even though I listened to today’s prompt, and thought of a short story about a time traveler, I cheated again and wrote another rhyme. And here is that one. Now maybe I can get to bed at a decent hour. Maybe.

The time traveler looked down at her newborn babe
And said, “I don’t know about this life.
The string that binds us all together
Makes a net of wonder and of strife.”
The newborn babe snatched a planetary ring
And gave it a hard shake.
This time traveling mom said, “Listen child,
I tell you this for your own sake!”
The newborn babe did laugh and burp
And pull a passing comet’s tail.
This time traveler said, “Time heals all.”
But, oh! how that newborn babe could wail.
The time traveling mom wrapped the newborn’s burn
And added an, “I told you so.
The universe isn’t yours to grab
And comets must be let go.”
The newborn babe blinked and stared
With eyes as wide as moons and bright.
The time traveling mom held her newborn close
And softly said, “It’s all all right. All right.”

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Story-a-Day May with poems.

  1. I do love Ink and Mirabelle! I just bought an Ink (I think) notebook for one of my friends, a mermaid one for another, and a Mirabelle iPhone skin for myself. Can’t wait!!!

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