Halfway there!

bunny and monster

Today’s Story-a-Day prompt is to tell a story with a list. Story-a-Day links to a story by Jennifer Egan that is a list of things to do. I came up with a to-do list that is a bucket list and because I’m tired, I kept my list short. Maybe it tells a kind of story.

Thanks for reading!

My Bucket List
By J.E. Moonwood

-Travel to the world’s tallest building (which keeps changing so monitor the situation and keep passport updated)
-Get passport (save allowance and ask for birth certificate)
-Win (finally!) Joe Norton’s July 4th Rabbit Race (Is Fairyboo up for it? Trade Fairyboo for K’s Mopmop? Talk mom into letting us breed rabbits? Make a winner!)
-Eat a gallon of choc. ice cream in one go. (With or without chocolate syrup, whip cream, maraschino cherries—lots)
-Stay up past midnight.
-Catch a fairy in K’s fairy garden. (Let it go, of course. Do fairies grant wishes? Make wish list.)
-Save a life just like mom! (Find binoculars. Set up look out point.)
-Buy a race car. (Learn to drive. Get license. Find hiding place. Should I have an alias?)
-Learn five languages. (What do fairies speak? Spies?)
-Find Dad. (Can K kelp? Pluses—clever and has a Swiss army knife. Minuses—always wins JN’s RR and is a total smartass. Also, would have to tell K about Dad. Can K be trusted???)

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