Story-a-Day Sonnet? That can’t be right.


The Story-a-Day prompt was to write a prose sonnet. The instruction do say you don’t have to rhyme, but I wanted to rhyme anyway. Iambic pentameter, however, was more than I wanted to tackle.

So, I chose a Shakespearean sonnet. And while I didn’t obviously mention the Shakespeare characters I had in mind, they’re in there if you look. The extra “rule” I decided to put upon myself made things a little more stilted, but we’re 17 days into this challenge, and I’m getting a little crazy.

Running fast over the hill rushed the boy
Out of breath, soaked in tears and drink.
My mother pushed me forward, “Call for help!”
Except I froze, unable to move or think.

On the boy flew as if nightmares pursued
And my mother shoved me harder still. “Go!”
Now I moved. I gave chase as if I had an idea.
Determined to make mom proud, even though

Just yesterday I’d come home ashamed
Unable to look her straight in the eye.
Love had undone me and made me a fool.
I couldn’t confess, so I told her a lie,

Elaborate about a girl. Now I run to tell this terrible boy
There’s no despair for he’d again find love and joy.

Thanks for reading and putting up with me.

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