Story-a-Day May. What do you mean it isn’t over yet?

NovemberArt 4-2

Today’s prompt was to write one side of a conversation. I thought about writing letters, but you wouldn’t see all the letters, just the letters on one person. I recently read a collection of Vincent van Gogh’s letters. Most of the letters were to his brother, Theo. Theo’s replies are not in the collection. No replies are. So, often you’re left wondering exactly what was it someone else wrote. But a story of letter would take a long time, and that isn’t ideal for Story-a-Day May.

I considered writing half a phone conversation (like the Bob Newhart sketch that is linked to on Story-a-Day’s site). But I couldn’t think of anything.

This is that time of Story-a-Day when ideas hide or show themselves only to shrivel up and die. So, keeping that in mind, here is my half a dialogue. Thanks for sticking with me!

After an argument on Facebook when one of the participants deletes his comments.

P—- P—— omg. thats terrible

P—- P—— fwiw, it was bothering me and i checked snopes. it’s not true! thank goodness, right?

P—- P—— i thought youd be happy

P—- P—— r u kidding?

P—- P—— but we’ve all done it. posted stories that were wrong. it’s not a big deal. i’m not “attacking” u

P—- P—— whoa

P—- P—— asshat . a tinfoil asshat

L———- S———- Hey, you two. Name calling isn’t going to help. D—–, P—- is right. Those numbers are wrong.

P—- P—— fyi snowflakes r beautiful

P—- P—— well maybe u should get yr news from somewhere else unless u like koolaid . also i didn’t know u ❤ all caps so much ! ur an all caps god

P—- P—— GOOGLE IT!!!!

L———- S———- Yeah. D—– Just Google it. If your right, then I’m sure P—- will apologize.

P—- P—— and if i am right u will apologize . fair?

P—- P—— omg he’s unfriended me and deleted his comments

L———- S———-
Great. I can’t wait for work on Monday.

P—- P—— lol

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