Getting Back to the Work


In true human fashion, I’ve driven myself slightly mad with ideas and promises and obligations. Do we ever learn? Or learn permanently?

If we learn, we forget.

And when I have two weekends in a row of going, going, going, I tend to feel as if I’ll never get anything done ever again.

I cleared off a bulletin board in my office to try posting plot notes. This current work-in-progress may be too hard for me to actually write. We shall see.

My art is stalled…not sure what to do there.

In remarkable side notes, I stupidly dropped my debit card in a gas station parking lot yesterday and drove away. When I reached the grocery store, I realized what I’d done, and I called the gas station. The attendant found my card where I’d dropped it. Color me amazed that I got my card back. Then I also lost my favorite bracelet somewhere. Probably the grocery store. I never found that. It’s as if I’ve suddenly become an irresponsible, careless person.

My rental car broke down. That was no fun. Started driving my own and the air conditioning stopped working for a day. It’s working now. Go figure.

Splurged on expensive tights for a wedding I was going to. Ripped a hole in them as soon as I took them out of the packaging. Of course.

I was in Arkansas for a wedding, and before the festivities, we went to Crystal Bridges, a lovely art museum in the area. I saw the work of artist Leonardo Drew. I first learned of his work on Art 21, and I really liked the segment on him. I wish I’d taken more pictures.


Here’s the segment of Art 21. If you’re interested in art, take a look at the other artists. There’s bound to be some art you like.

I guess that’s what I need. More people making things.

My new happy place is the show Making It, hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. It’s feel-good fun.

Well. I think I’ve talked myself into feeling inspired. I’ve got a story to work on.

Thanks for reading!

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