Day Three


And on the third day there was more writing. So, like I said previously, I’m creating a religion for my alternate universe. I want it to be an alternate version of Christianity, so each retelling of some biblical tale should look familiar but also be different. This won’t be for everyone, obviously. But I’m okay with that.

This version of religion needs to sound like something people can believe in. I don’t mean literally (though they could), but I mean it has to come across as something people would follow, would put their heart and soul into, regardless of how I might feel actually feel about it or how the characters use it. And the tone has to fit the story and the idea it is in a holy book.

You’ll probably recognize which bible story I used for this. The changes are meant to fit into the alternate universe story.

I may throw in some nods to other ancient beliefs as well. And very little of this will be in the final manuscript. It is mostly here to inform the characters, and maybe a line or two to be quoted.

Thanks for reading!

From the Pleiades holy book

Before the stars that light the universe we know, there existed other worlds and lives upon them. The God set them spinning much as our spin today, and the lives they multiplied and spread throughout the galaxies. In these times, the God left these peoples to choose for themselves and the results were were gifts cast aside and planets descending into sin. When the God saw the worlds so desecrated, the God searched for the faithful and righteous to guide back to the light.

The God spoke to the blameless woman, Danuh, mother to her children, beasts, and rivers. The Earth contained more magic then and many gifts since taken away. And the God sent a comet over Danuh’s lands followed by angels to deliver a message. Build a home of strong foundations and no windows. Bring in vaults of food, seeds, and water. Gather worthy animals and children. And all you believe vital and innocent are safe within your walls, bolt the doors, the heaviest and strongest doors you can devise, able to withstand the heat of forty suns.

Danuh followed the God’s commands, and when the rain of meteorites began, she and her children bolted the door and waited for the God’s deliverance. Time stopped as their world and thousand worlds beyond burned and collapsed. They had no window and didn’t see the darkness or the cosmic storms that ate planets and stars. The building shook and trembled, some say a few even cracked, but none gave way and all who sheltered within were safe.

When time began again a knock was heard at those weathered, heavy doors, and Danuh understood she was meant to open them and see what the God did intend.
Danuh, her children, and the animals ventured forth onto the new Earth, greener and bluer than they could ever remember, and looked up at the heavens, filled with fresh, bright stars, and moon. Their first morning revealed the glorious new sun and the rebirth of time.

And the God seeing Danuh did survive the great flood of cosmic fire and did too gaze up at creation with welcome and gratitude, sent aurora of light to dance and revive their souls. In this reborn universe the faithful Danuh was the first to hear the God’s promise. “Know the stars and set your mark upon them. And you shall multiply until their end. This is bond I tie between myself and all the life of the universe. ”

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