And now for something different.


I was at a basketball tournament all day today. Sports centers aren’t exactly conducive to my writing frame of mind, but I still wanted to write something. So, I scribbled a few lines while sitting at one of those uncomfortable, metal mesh-like picnic tables these sorts of places always seem to have, and here it is. It is what it is! But at least I wrote.

To the ball she wore a cloud
and rained upon the floor.
And when the storm was over,
they showed her to the door.
“The invitation didn’t ask
for you to wear the sky.
It’s indecent,” they harrumphed.
“It’ll take all night to dry.”
The other guests all pointed
“You’re foolish. Everyone agrees.”
So from her purse she took
creatures from the deepest seas.
She released the dreamy whale
the jewel-eyed octopi,
schools of fish, and lonely sharks,
all before she said goodbye.
The ballroom has since disappeared
to the waves, deep underneath.
Those who mocked her cloud & rain
are lost to tentacles and teeth.

The lesson is very clear, my friends,
it is no more or less,
it is never wise to criticize
how another soul is dressed.


Thanks for reading!

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