Oh, this day…


I wasn’t in the mood to write anything. But I did google more Bible verses to rewrite for my fictional universe. I realized that some verse would fit into my story just fine the way they are. Direct quotes from this world, however, isn’t really what I want. My sci-fi fairytale holy book will either have rewritten verse or completely new ones.

A great many verses refer to Jesus Christ, obviously. Of course. I haven’t decided how to deal with this. I don’t want to be clear on a gender, so praying to a father or referring of the sacrifice of an only son is not going to work. But I’m going to avoid that for another day.

Since this first week back to work is really wearing me out, I’ve kept it simple. I chose a few Bible verses and changed them a tiny bit. Another thing I have to sort out is if this holy book is going to be divided along similar lines to the Christian Bible. And apostles? Oh golly, the further I go into this, the messier it gets!

But here it what I have for today, such as it is.

That is all.

Thanks for reading.

Blessed is the soul who gives faith to the God, and whose hope is the God. For this soul shall be like a star set by solar seas, which shines through time and space, and will not fear when darkness comes: but its light will reach out to other worlds, and will not waver in the emptiness, nor will cease its burning.
I call upon the God in my desolation, and the God heeds my call.
Find joy in the God, and the God will shine in your heart.
I call to the God, why have I been thus forsaken?
Why does the God reside so far from my rescue,
So far from my suffering?

I call to you, the God, but yet you stay silent,
By the turn of the world, I remain awake,
Finding no comfort in thine stars.

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