How many more days?


This is not getting any easier! But even if the scene doesn’t work, I still strengthen my understanding of this universe. I may have definitely bitten off more than I can chew with this story. Oh well. Why stay safe and small?

Thanks for reading!

The news came while Bless Far sat in the examination room with her six-month-old daughter. Every morning she handed her child over to the doctor and the nurse. They checked the child’s incisions and changed the bandages. They noted things down and asked questions, and rarely did Bless Far have a different answer. The girl was normal in every way. Of course she was. She was healthy.

Holding her daughter in her arms, Bless Far tapped her feet and hummed a lullaby. “Who’s a sweet baby, a sweet baby indeed? Who’s a sweet baby, a sweet baby I need? I hold you so close, you’re part of my dreams. You warm my heart so much, you’re like holding sunbeams. Sleep, dear child of mine. Sleep under the God given sky. Sleep, dear child of mine. It’s not yet time to fly.”

The nurse walked in, letting the door slam against the wall, but six-month-old Miracle June didn’t wake. She nestled near her mother’s heart.

“Have you heard?” the nurse asked, but didn’t wait for an answer. “News,” he said to the screen embedded in the wall.

A government spokesperson appeared. The words Explosion at Center Station were at the bottom of the image. “Volume,” the nurse said. “Up.”

“Minister Lo of Venus is confirmed dead,” the spokesperson said. “We’re waiting for confirmation on the other deaths but it is likely the numbers will be high.” The image switched to a burned out building, the official conference hall of the ministers, where they met once an Earth year.

Bless Far stared. “But…that’s impossible. The security there is…”

“The best in the universe?” the nurse said. “Yeah, well, seems suspicious to me, if you know what I mean. Those ministers! They have more enemies than I have needles.” He shrugged. “Give me the baby and we’ll get the check over with. Doc’s going to talk to you.”

Bless Far’s chest felt cold without her daughter pressed there. She pinched her blouse at her heart and lifted the fabric away, her daughter’s sweaty forehead having left a damp impression. “Why?” The doctor rarely bothered to speak to her. The doctor looked over things and signed documents.

The nurse smiled down at Miracle June, whose sleepy eyes halfway opened. “Good morning, June Bug,” he said. “This may be the last time I see you! Bet you’ll like that!” He headed to the door.

“What?” Bless Far asked. “But these checks are forever. The rest of her life. That’s part of this whole thing.” She still had a pinch of the fabric between her fingers.

The nurse snorted. “Why do you think I showed you the news?”

The spokesperson continued to talk. “A very minor terror group has claimed responsibility, but officials are waiting for the results of the investigation. It is not believed that the Unknowns have the resources to pull off such an attack. But officials also assure the citizenry that any and every group tied to this event will be dealt with. The spokesperson stared hard into the camera. “The Sovereignty is resilient. Your universe is safe. We promise you.”

“Off!” Bless Far didn’t want to know any more about it. But, of course, she could not escape it.

The nurse, Miracle June in his arms, stopped at the examination room door. “Minister Lo was the force behind this entire project. Without him, there is no project.”

This made no sense to Bless Far. “But this is bigger than one person! Surely they’ll see what we’ve started. They can’t just…they can’t just end it!”

“Doc’s already heard. The new regime coming in wants nothing to do with Lo and his radical ideas. Funding. Everything. Over and done.”

“But my daughter! We don’t know what—”

The nurse clucked his tongue. “I’ll change her bandages and give you some supplies to take home. The incisions have almost healed anyway. My advice is you leave here and don’t mention this again. Destroy any documents you have—the doc sure will.”

“But why would I do that? This was an official, approved…endeavor.” It really was too much information for her to take in. “And the punishment for destroying records is…severe. Half of them are already in the Archive.” Her voice rose. “I agreed to this thinking we’d be watched over. That we wouldn’t be on our own. I was told—”

Small Miracle June pressed her infant hands to the nurse’s face.

“You do what you think is best, Ms. Delphine, but I’m sure the doc will tell you. No good can come from bringing attention to anything remaining of Minister Lo’s radical ideas.” And with that the nurse left the room, Miracle June in his arms.

Bless Far was alone with her thoughts and her very new set of fears.

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