Another day down.


I’m too tired to write today, but I’m too stubborn not to write. So, I gave up the idea of writing a scene or backstory and instead turned to my novel’s alternative religion and wrote/rewrote a prayer. I googled Catholic prayers, chose one about a Guardian angel and wrote to fit this alternative, sci-fi, fairytale universe. It isn’t much and I could barely manage that!

But thanks for reading!

The Guardian Prayer

The God’s dear Angels,
our guardians bright,
watch from many heavens
within the God’s starlight.

The light is what keeps us
Here under the stars,
Through these days and nights,
Through these lives of ours.

Dear Angels of the universe
Pray, be at our side.
Our souls look forever far
for you to light and to guide.


2 thoughts on “Another day down.

  1. Dave Henning

    Something about the image has the eerie quality of lighting that I remember from just before last summer’s total solar eclipse…

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