Our Dear Halloween


Happy Haunted Season!

The wind sometimes whispers.
The wind sometimes screams.
There are monsters at my window.
There are monsters in my dreams.
The spirits are curious.
The spirits are mean.
What, dear reader, is it?
It is our dear Halloween.

Last year, I could make these short and free videos, but I’ve downgraded my site to the free version and uploading videos is no longer an option. So, if you saw them last year, that’s why you won’t see them this time around. No more of that nonsense. Can’t have everything! Nonetheless, writing little Halloween rhymes helps put me in my Halloween mind.

As I said in the magic, electric, missive I sent some of you yesterday, I’m venturing back into the Tarot realms. A friend of mine told me about this nifty podcast, The Secret Library, and the most recent episode (as I write this anyway) is about using the Tarot in one’s writing. The episode inspired me to by the book, The Creative Tarot.

I know I’ve written elsewhere how my mother gave me my first tarot deck when I was about 14. I still have the deck. Now I have several decks though I have fallen out of the habit of looking at them. I like being a logical, rational person, not believing in woo, mumbo jumbo, or whatever you might call card reading and its companions.

But I love tarot. I love witchy-ness, altars, magic words, flights of fancy, and other curiosities. Maybe it’s part of my storytelling soul, which knows that words work spells, travel through time, and create worlds.

I’ve read that magic is simply what science has yet to explain. Which you could turn around and say that science is simply magic explained.

But what about tarot? I like several things Jessa Crispin says. She doesn’t believe in the tarot. She uses the tarot. The cards can be “a way to draw our attention to certain parts of our lives and expand our understanding of what’s happening to is and with us. It’s a way of creating meaning.”

A while back I made a few digital images for what I called the Hermione Tarot, and while I still love the idea, I’m not up for all it takes to deal with copyright issues.

All this to say that I still want to create my own deck. I’ve had this idea since I was a teen. It would be a massive project. A friend messaged me a while back with the suggestion of starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. I don’t think he even knew I’ve long been interested in such a project. He just knew such a project seemed like something I’d do. But it is something I’ll look into. Let the research begin!

And if you have any suggestions, thoughts, or questions, please share them.

Thank you for reading!

One thought on “Our Dear Halloween

  1. That is EXACTLY how I’ve used the Tarot, the I Ching, and an old “Gypsy Witch Fortune Teller” deck. They’ve been greatly useful for focusing on questions/problems in life and in fiction. I would totally buy your Tarot. I would totally kick in to fund it.

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