Another Welcome


A proper welcome is in order. So.

Greetings new and returning readers. Thank you for visiting. Thank you for staying. Glad you’re here for this Halloween season and all our haunted days.

Yesterday, I wrote about wanting to create my own tarot deck. I’ve got a stack of books to read for research. The world does not need another set of cards (Have you seen how many decks there are? Holy moon bats!), but I do. I once heard the quote, “Write the book you want to read.” (I believe from Toni Morrison.) Well, create what you need. Create the art. Write the story. Make the tarot deck.

I’m thinking of names for the deck. I like having a title of a story before I write it because it helps me clarify that fictional world in my head. The cards will be much the same. They tell a story.

Having a deck published seems near impossible. The deck may be just for me, and I want to use my fictional world, a parallel universe, to help design them. I want to tie several things together–manuscript, tarot cards, and art. I don’t yet know how though. My vision rarely matches my skillset. But the ideas are percolating into some kind of brew.

But it’s early days, and surprise are in store. I can’t wait to find them.

Thanks for reading!

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