Is Optimism a Superhero?


Optimism is not my fuel.
Numbers and Optimism don’t appear to be friends. Do they? Sometimes they might hangout together, but forever hitched they are not. I look at the numbers of agents and publishers and people trying to become authors and I’m not optimistic those numbers are going to work in my favor.

But it is that time of year when Optimism hurtles from place to place, sprinkling its maddening dust on the tired and the unsuspecting to the willfully waiting, hands outstretched. You see the results in the day planners bought, the crowded gyms, and cookbooks bookmarked.

Some will make it through. Some do. And they’re a sight to behold! Optimism, effort, good fortune, and whatever magic qualities needed come together like superheroes! They slay doubt and failure. They make it up the hill and claim the prize! Woo! Dance and cheer and throw a parade! Seriously.

Okay. Maybe Optimism isn’t necessary, but it must help.

Look! In the slush pile! Is it an energetic fool? Is it obsessive soul? No! It’s Optimism!

I am the hard work! I am midnight fuel! I am the Effort!
Holy smokes, Effort!

Luck Smash!

My writer senses are tingling.

Publisher’s beard!

Danger, will keep writing!

I have the power!

Whew. Enough of that.

I’m still working on my sci-fi fairytale. I love it regardless whether our superheroes take up its cause, which they certainly won’t do if the story isn’t here to be fought for. Is that Optimism?

Thanks for reading!


Because I forgot I’m going to try out this thing. It is called Ko-Fi. Last year, I considered Patreon, but while I set up a page, I never launched it (for reasons). But Ko-Fi is much less demanding. Are you familiar with Patreon? People subscribe to your work, basically. It requires a commitment. Ko-Fi, however, is just a cup of coffee. It isn’t a monthly thing, it is a when-the-whim-takes-you thing.

For me to have the Ko-Fi button though requires that I buy the business plan. Fair enough, but it is over $20 a month, aaaaand I don’t think I’m going to raise that much in coffee. Plus, to make Ko-Fi more exclusive, Ko-Fi wants $6 a month. Which is a totally reasonable amount, if one is going to make that much. Again however, that seems like not a plan at this time.

Nonetheless, with Optimism Superhero here, I’ll at least add this link for those interested.

Thank you!

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