That time of year…


How do you travel from one year to the next?

I shall not dwell in the mistakes and failures, though I hope I’ll find the lessons in the year’s wreckage to pack them up and carry with me into the new year.

I shall not make resolutions which end up being pitfalls and snares.

I appreciate making it this far and hope to make further still. After all, I’d rather say goodbye to a year than for a year to say goodbye to me.

I hope you will be with me for a long time to come.

May we have high hopes fortified with reason and big dreams with strong spines.

May the inevitable setbacks and spills be within the reach of our loved ones who help us back on our feet and point out the light in the dark. And may we be that same help for someone else.

The universe is remarkable. May we long be able to take note.

Good luck and good stories.

And many thanks.

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