I keep using that word. Do you think it means what I think it means?


No one is going to give me an award for being sensible. Marie Kondo worked on my books and my clothes. She doesn’t work on my art supplies and unfinished stories. It’s getting out of control in here. A sensbile person would get this work space in order and keep it that way!

A few weeks back I closed my Etsy storefront. In part, I did so because of headlines about their massive mistake with people’s bank accounts. And they haven’t been handling their error well at all. The other reason had a lot to do with things I read about their business model. It is not for me. If I’d been sensible, I’d have learned these things before I even put the work into that Etsy page.

I’ve tried other online platforms, but suffice it to say, no. Just no. The percentages are tiny, which I could almost live with if other aspects of these businesses seemed on the up and up. They do not. One site has continued to use one of my images even though I deleted it. They also wanted to charge me for not being active enough. Another paid out so little, I’d have to sell an insane amount to make enough to buy a sandwich. That’s not sensible!

One solution is to have a website. I tried that, but, of course (because they have to make a living too) these platforms are not free. It’s ridiculous to pay more for the ability to sell your work than you can actually make on the work itself. Is attempting to sell art ever sensible? I don’t think so…

In any event, I have to find other options. I hope I’ll be in a few festivals around where I live. I’m currently waiting to hear back on an application to the Violet Crown Festival here in my neighborhood. If you enjoy any of the work I share, you can buy me a cup of kofi coffee here. Or to be more specific, you’d help me buy a tent and a table for festivals. Even if that’s not an option, please go take a look at some of the images I’ve posted over there. The most recent images is of swimming bunnies. Swimming bunnies! (Because they sound sensible, don’t they?!)

In other news, I’m going to start the agent search again! Woo! Wish me luck on my next completely not-sensible plan, please.

Thanks for reading!

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