By the light of the moon…

4x4 Project 9

The universe is exhausting sometimes.
I say the universe as if I know how I’d feel living on some other planet in the Milky Way. (I’d feel dead, most likely.)
I can’t even say the world because I can’t claim to know what’s going in every bit of it. (I’m overwhelmed just thinking about knowing everything.)
I’m exhausted by the bits I’m paying attention to,
and by the clamor to pay attention to more and more bits.
My neck hurt so much a couple of weeks ago, I had to go to physical therapy.
I couldn’t turn left or right. I couldn’t look up at the sky.
I finished another round of rewrites on a story I keep trying to tell.
When I’m exhausted and in pain, I’m not hopeful about my story.
But I can now turn my head. I went outside and watched the full moon, which was so bright. I understand why people can think it creates its own light instead of reflecting the sun.
I’m working on the next story.
The universe is magnificent sometimes.

4 thoughts on “By the light of the moon…

  1. All I can say is I feel this, too. The bone deep emotional exhaustion that saps the energy for creativity and lets in the doubt.

    But yesterday and today, I woke up feeling that little spark and feel like my long dormant WIP is coming to life again.

    May the light shine on you, too.

    1. This is excellent to hear, LJ. Your FB posts are definitely among the bright spots of social media. Thanks for being here! (And good wishes and cheers on the WIP.)

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