The Sixth Day and a Moon

fox on the moon

I have written every day this month so far. We are only six days in so I’ll not get too excited. I can’t post anything I wrote today because it would be a spoiler for another manuscript in progress. And I don’t want to post all of what I wrote yesterday because I might do something with it later.

However, here is part of it.

The fox became lost on his way through the wood and found himself stranded on the moon.

“You got up here,” said a nearby star. “You can get down again.”

But the fox walked around and round and saw no way home. He curled up to think and couldn’t remember in the least how he’d managed to reach the moon in the first place. He remembered no stairs and no ladder. He’d never climbed a tree in his life.

A raven alighted on a moon rock and tilted her head. “Maybe the moon scooped you up. It does that when it’s bored or lonely. You’d be surprised.”


Thank you for reading.

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