Dear Llama


A while back, a friend and fellow writer, Tammy Breitweiser, brought llamas into my life, specially on Tuesdays. Did you know llamas are having a moment? Well, apparently they are, and while my heart will always belong to the unicorns, llamas are cool too. They must be. Just look at them!

So, thanks to some inspiration from my Story-A-Day writing pals, here we are.

Dear Llama,

Jane Friedman’s book The Business of Being a Writer inspires and overwhelms. As a kid sitting on the floor in Waldenbooks in the mall, a row of books placed in front of me, I had no idea the work it took for those beloved authors to bring me their stories. It wouldn’t have mattered, of course. And back then social media didn’t exist, and most of what I knew about the writer’s life came from movies and assumptions.

Some people are supported by their parents and others are actively discouraged from pursuing madcap dreams. Since my parents were divorced, they were far from a coordinated team on what I should do with my life. My mom was supportive–with apprehension. Follow your dream and, please, be able to pay your rent. My dad was supportive–with confusion. I don’t understand what you’re talking about, but it’s your life. Be able to pay your rent.

What’s my point, Llama? Nothing. I just needed you to listen.

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