September Stories

Story-a-Day September continues! I’ve missed two days so far. I tried to torture myself by staying up too late to write something, anything, but then I remembered that suffering isn’t required and anything I wrote while half-asleep wouldn’t be worth the effort.

Perspective. Right?

For about half of the days, I worked on previous stories, coming up with endings or entirely new plots. But for the other days, I came up with entirely new stories. One was a terrible story in verse. Three I typed on my typewriter. A couple I wrote by hand. Most of the stories have been silly or surreal, including a story that imagined animal shelters filled with unicorns instead of the usual domestic pets, a story about the moon falling in love and getting married, and a flock of crows stealing an entire set of silverware.

Today, perhaps inspired by the news, I wrote about children living in garbage heaps covering most of Texas.

I’m getting antsy for October when I’ll be sending out submissions and working on my art. And I’m so in love with my typewriter now that I’m looking for excuses to type.

What are you looking forward to with the approach of the Hallow season?


Thanks for reading!

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