Dear Llama

Last night I worked on a story for Story-a-Day. When the story began, I was sure a particular character was dead. As I came to the ending though, I brought her back to life. It wasn’t because I loved her so much I couldn’t let her go. Instead, I couldn’t put her best friend through the loss.

Maybe there’s enough loss already.

Maybe killing this character was too easy from the start–another dead girl story, you know? I’ve read this, this, and this. All this and I still love Twin Peaks, one of the most famous dead girl stories.

I have my own dead girl past, which I’ve written about several times.

In any event, dear llama, sometimes I read things that make me question what I’m writing. Have I gotten it right? Am I writing a cliche? Is it all just so predictable?

Then I rewrite and rewrite and rewrite again.

I still don’t know if I’m going to kill this character. It’s weird how it feels transgressive not to. But maybe I’m kidding myself.

Thanks for listening, dear llama.

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