Dear Llama

I just had a birthday, so I’m in a reflective mood. Certain calendar days will do that, right?

You know what I don’t really need? More unfinished stories. Finish the thing! Doesn’t Neil Gaiman talk about that? You can’t get far with a bunch of unfinished pieces, no matter how shiny they are.

Therefore, it is madness to suggest NaNoWriMo. Of course, it is.

But NaNo is more than new stories. It’s community. Story-a-Day is the same. It’s the writing and the writing friends made along the way.

In any event, I’ve signed up for this year’s NaNo. Join me if you’re in for the adventure too.

The title for this year’s work is Typewriter Witchcraft. Well, I do have two typewriters now and we all know I love magic and witchery. I’ll actually be using November’s challenge to edit previous manuscripts and write a new story along the way. Where shall it leads us? Some place both wonderful and strange!

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Dear Llama

  1. Although I’m delighted to write any bits you post, I’m way past ready for another complete project from you, preferably a full-length one. How long can I bear to wait between enchantments???

    1. Oooohh…how to answer that… I’m looking for an agent! So, there’s MAYBE getting an agent and then that agent shopping my novel around and then maybe possibly if we’re lucky a publisher buying the book and publishers take at least one and up to two years to get a book on shelves…

      Oh boy.

      I realize I may need to rethink things.

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