Daughter of Family G

My friend, Ami McKay, has written a lovely and compelling memoir. And like it says on the cover, it tells the story of cancer, love, and fate. Since I know Ami, I’m sure I read her narrative with a different eye than someone who has not gone along with her to copy bathroom graffiti (from walls in both girl and boy bathrooms) for a music project. But if you enjoy a well-written tale about real life, you should give this memoir a try.

The power in the story is also in its exploration of cancer, medical history, and genetics. Have you had to decide whether or not to have genetic testing done? I have. After my breast cancer diagnosis, I was tested for the BRCA genes. (I don’t have them.) Agreeing to these tests is intensely personal, but Ami shares her journey and the remarkable journey of her family and her family’s invaluable contribution to medicine and understanding the role of genes in cancer.

So, if you’re a medical history buff, you’ll appreciate this story too.

But ultimately, if you enjoy a compelling, well-told story, read this book.

The other thing you should do is read Ami’s novels. You don’t have to take my word for it. Her books have loads of fans and wonderful reviews. They’ve won awards!

Her books are magic.

Thanks for reading.

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