Are we distant enough yet?

How’s your social distancing?

It hasn’t really felt too different yet here because of spring break, but next week I have to start teaching my classes online (a first for me) and my son won’t go back to school for two more weeks. The dogs are happy though! They haven’t been left alone for days.

For a long time I’ve wanted to try blackout poetry. I think it fits with my art of cutting up my own words to make castles or clouds or moons.

my art

Austin Kleon didn’t invent blackout poetry, but he did inspire me. You should subscribe to his newsletter if you like finding out new, cool, arty things.

What else? Nothing at the moment. I’m just checking in. I hope your situation right now is manageable. Some of my friends are going through hard times not related to COVID-19 and they are on my mind. I mean, life and tragedies keep barreling along even when the world tries to stop and isolate itself.

So, thanks, dear reader, for stopping by. Hope you’re safe and well and seeing your way forward.


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