A Light on the in the Evening (Have a seat and stay a spell.)

I’m going to steal a page a from Austin Kleon. Do you subscribe to his newsletter? Every week he sends readers a list of ten things he thinks are worth sharing. Since he also has a book called Steal Like an Artist, I’m following his advice.

Here are ten things I think are worth sharing:
1. See above link about Austin Kleon.
2. The Art Assignment. I’m late to this. Apparently it’s been going on for years, but I’ve rarely been BAE. (I guess? Am I even using that right? WTHK?)
3. Which brings me to the other YouTube channel I’ve been catching up on–Ask a Mortician. Now, I am not late to this. I’ve been watching her videos since before she released Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. (Don’t embalm me, y’all. Just putting that out there.)
4. And one more YouTube channel–Book Historia. This channel is only about two months old, and I hope she keeps making these videos about the history of books. I found her because of my interest in tiny books!

5. The Dept of Enthusiasm is a bit of, well, enthusiasm, in my inbox.
6. Cosmic Rescue just caught my eye.
7. It caught my eye because I follow Typewriter Tarot. I bought myself and a friend a Mystic Message a few months back. That made me happy.
8. StoryaDay is starting again soon! Anyone else want to come along?
9. I heard Green Tea Ice Cream on NPR and really liked it.
10. And a friend posted this song, Someone Else, on FB, and I liked it too. (Warning: flashing lights if that’s an issue for you.)

Stay well. Stay safe.
Thanks for reading.



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