Thankful Still

Focusing on the bright side feels like a challenge in these pandemic times. We’ve had two deaths in the family this month–an aunt on my side and an aunt on my husband’s side. (They had nothing to do with Covid, just to be clear.)

I have friends going through chemo and other friends struggling with depression and problems I know nothing about. Such things are happening all the time, pandemic or no.

But we’re putting our Christmas decorations up and wishing everyone well. I’m still hoping to sell art and handmade things. There are still things to look forward to and to plan.

I have stories to write and friends and family to (eventually) see again.

I’m grateful for husband and son, all of my family, my dogs, my job, and my students. I grateful for the moon and the holidays (in spite of the challenges they can bring). I’m grateful for books and art and coffee. I’m grateful for technology that opens a link from me to you.

Thank you for being here and reading. You make a difference.


In more practical news, I’ve decided to sell something I made a while ago and which means a lot to me–an original very short tale in a handmade book.

I hope to make more. We shall see!

My work on Etsy and RedBubble.

Thank you again. Be well and be safe.


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