Where to look. Where to Begin.

If a fairy godmother showed up at my door, I wouldn’t ask for a ballgown or shoes or an invitation to a ball. I’d ask her to tell me where to begin.

I thought I knew, but then I sat down to get to work. These manuscripts and art projects stare at me. Each one beckons.

Maybe I should just take a nap. Sleep was elusive after all.

The day here is drizzly and gray. My thoughts wander to the recent deaths in the family and the news of the pandemic and other troubles. Getting something done would lift the mood.

Recently, some fellow authors gave me feedback on a set of short stories, so I’ll suppose I start with that.

So, what do you think Cinderella did once she married the prince and moved into the castle? Was she good to the servants? Did she take up a hobby? Did she ever see her fairy godmother again?

Are you ever too old for a fairy godmother?

Just a few random questions for procrastinating.

Thanks for reading.

Be safe. Be well.

2 thoughts on “Where to look. Where to Begin.

  1. I think a good story could be built from bringing back Cinderella’s fairy godmother as a kind of kibbitzing aunt-type figure, who shows up now and then to question Cinderella’s choices and life decisions by pointing out how SHE used to do things when she was Cinderella’s age, relatively speaking. Maybe in a fit of exasperation she could bestow some sort of minimalistic magic power on Cinderella, so she — the FGM — wouldn’t have to keep coming back so often to set things right. (It really wouldn’t really be “so often,” of course, but then the FGM is presumably a bit of a martyr/drama queen.) It would keep her favorite “niece” in maintenance mode, so to speak: tidying up stray hairs, ensuring that all her shoes — especially the transparent ones — would continue to fit and stay on her feet, and, at midnight, letting Cinderella relax a bit and become more of herself, less of a Prince-Charming’s-wife.

    Okay, I’m done riffing now. Your turn. 😉

  2. I love JES’s riff on Cinderella. I think Cinderella would be very kind to the servants, and they would conspire to help her in the various magical challenges that would be sure to come her way. And the castle mice and birds would help her, too. I think her Fairy Godmother wouldn’t be required until Cinderella’s daughter (or son) came of age, when FGM would pop in to offer help.

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