Starting the Journey

Welcome to the New Year and all shining promises.

Here in the northern hemisphere, its winter, of course, and while the days may be getting incrementally longer, there remains a lot of dark.

It’s a time for resolution and reflection, even if you try to ignore that sort of thing. It’s a time to look forward, even if that forward is only one day at a time.

I have several stereotypical, boring goals that I’m not going to go on about, but I also have one big new thing. It’s a leap. But it’s a leap I need to take because I’m been sitting on the cliff waiting for someone else to build a bridge, and that really doesn’t work.

I’ve created a Patreon. If that’s a new word for you, I can explain it like this. You can join a person who makes things (music, podcasts, films, art, stories, crafts, and whatever else). In my case, if you become a member, you receive stories and actual handmade things. You can go to the page and see for yourself: my Patreon page.

My work isn’t complete without you.

I’ll still share things here because that’s important to me. Membership in my Patreon is optional. I support a few Patreons myself but not nearly as many as I would like. But if you’re interested and would like to take part, I’d love for you to be a part of things. It’s a journey! And I’m ready to begin.

I wish you good luck on your goals and support for your dreams. Whatever this year has in store, may we always find a light burning for us.

Thanks for reading!

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